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Now this is an impressive music site. For those who get bored trying to fiddle around with online music from Yahoo! or NME then you'll ...

Listen to music through the Pandora dashboard
Now this is an impressive music site. For those who get bored trying to fiddle around with online music from Yahoo! or NME then you'll be pleased to know that this site is a breath of fresh air. Pandora.com is marketed as the 'Music Genome Project' where the average Joe can find and listen to music online, or through a stereo.

In simple terms, you can pick one of your favourite songs or musical artists and Pandora will search its ever expanding music catalogue and present you with music that is similar in genre or musical style to the artist or song you chose. The best bit is that Pandora will highlight bands and songs that you've NEVER heard of, but it will keep churning them out for you to listen to all day long! So, if like me you want to listen to some background music while you work, Pandora is the perfect accompaniment to get you through the day.

In essence, Pandora's aim is to let you discover new music and listen to it whenever you want. They also welcome positive feedback on their blog and there are now ways to let you play the online music through your stereo. Look over their blog for how to do this.

You'll have probably guessed that this blog is all about quirky and innovative products and services, but Pandora is one of the best so far. It beats the WiFi Lamppost, but not Siemens' paper TV's!

Pandora also work with iTunes, so any great songs you discover can be stored in your 'favourites', and can be bought and downloaded at iTunes for you to burn to CD, or simply expand your personal music collection. Mine certainly needs expanding, and I don't listen to half the music.

Pandora.com is currently being developed in the USA, so if you do want to listen to music after the free trial then don't be out off by the USA address you have to enter. According to their blog, it will soon be developed specifically for the UK and other countries in the near future.

What impressed me is that Pandora's music library is much more extensive than Yahoo! For instance, a small band such as the Thirteen Senses would not be recognised by Yahoo!, but Pandora picks them up no problem and will provide you with similar music to listen too. Great stuff!

I thinks its so good that I've added a link at the bottom of this post for people to try it our for themselves. Just type your favourite musical artist or song, and see what music Pandora comes up with!

Needless to say, this is becoming a hot topic online as more and more people are discovering its innovative approach to discovering and listening to new music. Sign up while you can, and keep an eye if they go public - it could be a good investment. In fact I'd put my money on Google buying this in the future for one of its music projects....

Enjoy Pandora!

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