Smoking Ban Scotland - Breathe Again!

From the 26th March smoking in public places in Scotland will be banned . No cigarettes. No cigars. No tobacco. Smoke free, clean air. Fro...


Favourite Quirky Phrases

The English language is fantastic isn't it? There are so many dialects and so many accents . Even travelling for as little as 30 minute...


A Wicked, Wicked Musical

I'm getting excited about a musical again - I think I should be worried. This time its Wicked the Musical , a musical about the wicked w...


Lynx Clicker Advert

Fantastic advertising by Unilever. The new Lynx clicker advert has taken the UK by storm, and on an average night out you'll probably f...


St. Patrick's Day - Its Guinness time!

St. Patrick's Day - one of my favourite days of the year. Not that any of us need an excuse to drink copious amouts of the black stuff,...


Dubai - A Cultural Delight

After recently returning from a short trip to Dubai, I have to confess that I was truly amazed by t...


The Sony Bravia Advert - Funky and Fun!

View the Sony BRAVIA advert at the bottom of this blog post! The Sony BRAVIA advert that was aired...

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