Recession Sale Anyone?

When it comes to sales, for me, it's a case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Good in that you can pick up a great bargain, bad in that the stores are packed, and ugly in that I've seen women come to blows over a dress.
Recession sale anyone?
As I was walking around Manchester at the weekend I felt there was something amiss amongst the window sale advertisements. I saw a double discount sale, a closing down sale and I even saw a store re-building sale. But why has no-one taken advantage of the current economic climate and through about launching a Recession Sale?

It makes sense to me. Consumers are strapped for cash so why not advertise a sale that strikes a cord with the majority of credit crunch articles they've read in the news over the last month? In addition, online retail sales from September 2008 are growing at a fifth of the rate compared to the same period last year, so it's the perfect time to do it. Ok, it's cold, but winter fashions are here, so a Recession Sale would work a treat!
More local to home, a local sandwich shop round the corner from my office is currently running a 'Credit Crunch Pasta' offer. It's going down a storm.

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