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Twitter has completely changed the way we communicate. How we communicate with the people behind br...

Twitter has completely changed the way we communicate. How we communicate with the people behind brands, how we communicate with friends, how we communicate with celebrities and sports stars, and how we share photos.

Mashable is the authoritative source on all things Social Media, with breaking news and great articles being retweeted by the masses. So it stands to reason that the authoritative source on all things Social Media will often start trending on one of  the top Social Media platforms, because people are sharing content and learning more about Social Media.

It does get quite annoying. Not so much that an article is trending, but more the fact that the whole title of the article starts trending. But there's no way round that. Mashable is a great site, and articles will continue to trend. So rather than getting annoyed, I decided to make the most of it.

Introducing the Mashable Trending Title Drinking game;

Whilst creating this, I also came across #Drinkup - http://www.littletinker.co/drinkup/ - so if you want a wider, general Twitter drinking game, head over there.

Have fun, but please drink responsibly!

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