Vine - Changing the Way You Travel

When Twitter launched Vine in the last week of January, I had just landed into Christchurch, New Zealand. Me, my backpack and my Camera+ loaded iPhone were all set to jump into a campervan and explore the stunning South Island.

Then I downloaded Vine. And I was hooked. It was the perfect tool for capturing travel moments which photos simply just cannot do. If pictures tell a story, then Vine brings stories to life. Stories from the South Island, the North Island and finally China.

Vine - Travelling In New Zealand

Here are a few of my Vines from New Zealand and China, little #6secondpostcards that still make me smile :)

In the late 90's, and even up to 10 years ago, no-one travelled with a smartphone, and rarely with an SLR. It was you, the countries you visited, and the raw photos you brought back. Then smartphones came into play. And then tablets. I was amazed to see how many people travelled with iPads and Macbooks, constantly keeping in touch, keeping connected. It's the era of the Digital Nomad. I can't do that. The only way I can truly get under the skin of a country and culture is to switch off Western life and spend more time doing what the locals do. Seeing what the locals see.

At the same time, I'm a bit of an app geek, so Camera+, 360 Panorama and finally Vine were my weapons of choice to capture cities, landscapes, countryside, sunsets, sunrises and people.

I've read many blog posts from travel bloggers and photographers about what you should take when you travel - DSLR or smartphone? I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, but for the purposes of real-time video capture using Vine, the smartphone wins hands down.

Within one month, Vine changed the way I travelled, giving me a new way to captured and share moments and memories. And now I'm using it wherever I go, capturing motion-and-sound-filled six second postcards.

Happy travels, and happy Vining!

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