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There is something very special about Papua New Guinea. Located to the East of Indonesia, and 160km North of Australia, Papua New Guinea is a wash with culture and colour.

Papua New Guinea - Tribesmen - PNG Tourism

With 600 coral-fringed islands, tropical forest, white sandy beaches and indigenous tribes, it's no surprise that when I came across a competition to win a trip to Papua New Guinea, I jumped at the chance.

Papua New Guinea - Beach - PNG Tourism

It is a haven for anyone with a sense of exploring and adventure. Fancy it? Read on fellow travellers, read on...


The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) is offering a handful of bloggers the chance to win an iPad Mini or GoPro camera – and a trip to PNG.

To enter the competition, post a link to your travel blog on the PNG Tourism UK Facebook page. Each month, between now and November, the chosen blogger of the month will win either an iPad or GoPro. Then, in December, the best entrant will be crowned PNGTPA 'Blogging Ambassador', clinching a trip for two to Papua New Guinea.

The winners will have the choice of four itineraries in Papua New Guinea: trekking, diving, cultural or birdwatching. For more information, please visit the Wanderlust website.

I won the July competition, and along with winners from August, September, October and November, I will be in the hat to win the chance to visit PNG.

I already have an iPad, so I chose a GoPro. It only seems fair that the first video I shoot should promote the competition :)

Fancy being in the hat with me? You've only got two chances left - October and November - so get ready to tell PNG Tourism why you love to blog, and you could be in with a shout of winning.


The closing date for the competition is 30th November 2014. For full terms and conditions, please visit the PNG Tourism UK Facebook page and the Wanderlust website.

Good luck!


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